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Content Policy

There’s a Dead Cells out there for every 2000 hypercasual feel good ad farm releases that are masquerading as games on the app stores. Our goal as a gaming news & reviews website is to try and deliver at least 1 great editorial article that brings value to our readers for every 5 listicle and top 10 articles we write.

Our tagline is simple:

Mobile gaming is horrible, but our content doesn’t have to be.

We will write content that gets us traffic and eyeballs but also work to offset those kind of articles by trying to inform our users on various topics related to mobile gaming. From the way games are designed to keep the users clicking through ads to explaining why they downloaded the “bad games” in the first place. We’ll show you the best kid friendly smartphone games, the most accessible mobile games and those that don’t secretly wish you were a whale they could milk. And while we’re at it, we’re looking to make a buck or two off it.

  • We’ll write sponsored posts but mark them as such.
  • There will be top 10 Lists of various games. But we’ll make sure to write why the game on the number one spot deserved it. And be truthful about it.
  • We will link you to affiliate items, but we won’t tell you it’s the best thing since Super Mario.
  • We might use our advertising space to advertise our own things. Would make for a good change of pace from the usual ads you see everywhere.
  • We might feature out friends from the gaming industry. Indie devs need all the help they can get nowadays.
  • We will employ freelance writers and order articles from sites such as fiverr. This type of content will be marked as written by “Freelance Writer”. But we’ll make sure to tip them if the content is good.
  • There will be press releases posted. That’s it, there’s no downside to this.

Best Smartphone Games is operated by a recovering game designer that continues to survive (and thrive) in the game’s industry. He is personally responsible for at least 100 (if not more) money grabbing, ad filled games out there and he’ll make sure never to recommend such games to our readers.