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Let’s fix Mobile Gaming!

The mobile gaming industry is in a bad state right now!

And We are part of the problem. At least I know I am.

Over the past 1.5 years I helped deliver over 60 ad infested, low quality, mobile games.

Mobile Publisher (probably) screaming at devs to add more Advertisements and less good features!

It paid good money but I am tired of hearing publishers and executives, with no love for games, telling me how the game should be in order for them to sell.

Do you know how many times I heard things like:

  • “I don’t care about that, make the sky BLUE because ads with BLUE Pale skies have lower Cost Per Install?
  • “No do not sway the camera, let it pass through objects. Casual players don’t understand how to control the camera”
  • Just make 5 levels and repeat them. We’ll change the background color and it will seem like a new one”

I am done working on hyper casual games. This is why I made this website – to promote GOOD, HIGH QUALITY, PREMIUM GAMES.

And while I’m at it, reveal some of mobile gaming’s worst and most deceitful tricks. Because I’m on a mission – to try and get things back to normal. Or at least make as much noise as I can and fail proudly.

You (probably) being sick of all the crappy games out there!

Advertisment isn’t the problem – it’s a syndrome

You are here because you saw my website’s ad on either youtube or on your favorite reddit community about mobile gaming. I don’t think ads are bad. In cases like these they are useful.

Do you know the reason why mobile games are so infested with ads? Corporate greed yes, but not only that.

On average it costs mobile game developers $3 to get a player to download the game. Do you know how much a game dev/publisher makes from you watching an interstitial ad? Between $0.02 and $0.30. We need at least 11 interstitial / user to recoup the cost of bringing that user back. And only few players stay enough time in the game to recoup acquisition costs.

So publishers and game devs ramp up the ads in their games because of the ever rising cost to advertise and bring users.

What if we could lower the user acquisition costs for good games?

There would be no need for them to advertise as heavily to gain users and in re-turn, no need to put up so many ads.

It’s a dream, I know. It will be hard to get there. This web site needs to grow, a ton. It needs heavy traffic before it can end up making a difference. But just imagine, this website gets to 100 000 views a month? Or 300 000 views.

And the banner at the top of the page? Next to the website’s logo? Is a fresh new game from a small indie developer. And the game costs $4.99 or is free with minimum ads or just in-app purchases?

What if we could feature that developer and help him get enough users in his GOOD GAME! We’d get a good game and be happy. And he’ll keep his GOOD GAME GOOD.

Mobile Publisher (probably) crying at the very thought of GOOD Games getting promoted.

How are we going to do that?

I have a plan but it’s going to take at least 2-3 years. I want to write good content that answers casual user’s questions. In depth content that can rank well on google. Content like this article that explains how Free Mobile Games Make Money. Or this one about Why Games Have Fake Ads.

This content that has depth to it, and examples, servers two purposes:

  • Educate regular mobile gamers and casual smartphone users.
    • Help them understand the state of the industry
    • Teach them how to avoid being preyed upon
    • Help them search for the beautiful diamonds in the huge huge pile of poo that’s out there
    • Raise their expectations and automatically help them avoid the bad stuff.
    • Which in turn, helps raise the cost of user acquisition.
      • Less users interested in bad games? The more it costs.
      • It can reach a point where no amount of ads served helps the publishers recoup the cost.
  • Help the website rank well in google, bringing in ORGANIC TRAFFIC.
    • Gamers who don’t know where to look end up here without the need for us to advertise
    • We get a steady traffic and influx of users, lowering our cost of advertisement and promotion
    • We can redirect this traffic to good games

What do I get out of it?

Besides having to work on bad games to pay the bills? I get to lower the amount of time I spend freelancing and making bad games. This is not going to be a pro-bono service, as much as I would like it to be. I will monetise this website but maybe I can do it in a good way.

Affiliate ads for smartphones is a safe bet. Instead of shilling out for Raid Shadow Legends and taking up their brand deals I can advertise for decent games you like.

If I can reach steady, organic, traffic from search engines? There’s no need for me to advertise my blog in order to drive traffic and make money from it. It means I don’t have to fall in the same catch-22 that the mobile gaming industry got itself into.

And even if I don’t put advertisment for other people on the blog, I can advertise my own games. After years of making bad games for publishers I can try and make good games for myself and make sure I can get enough of an install base.

It’s a win-win situation. Well, except for the mobile gaming publishers, but they did it to themselves.

Me (probably, but unlikely) pointing at a great person (probably) and telling you about all the benefits!

What do YOU get out of it?

Good games you can play and discover more easily!

Less advertisements in games!

You get to STICK IT to greedy publishers and horrible devs!

A more clean and better mobile gaming ecosystem.

Good content that you can learn from!

So what can you do to help?

Read and share the articles on this blog. Don’t go sharing the press releases or the “paid advertisements”. I might get brand deals in the beginning and I’ll mark them as sponsored posts. Do not share those, they’re just the means to an end.

Instead share the in-depth articles. The ones where we feature really good games. The ones where we explain how predatory LootBox Train Hunting Simulator 2022 HD Plus Free is. Tell your friends and try to educate them.

And Keep us on track with our goal. There will be times when I go in the wrong direction. Punish me for it. Help me keep this vision of taking the fight to the big guys in mind.

Follow us on twitter to stay in touch OR subscribe to our mailing list!

What else can you do to help that doesn’t involve supporting this blog?

Start your own blog!

Share the good games on reddit, facebook, twitter.

Leave negative reviews on bad, scummy or greedy games!

Support your favorite devs through donations or purchases!

Scream into the void until the void backs down!

Thank you,


The void is (probably) scared because you are screaming at it!


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