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Best Smartphone Games is a passion blog of mine that aims to fulfil a few goals:

  • Help people discover amazing mobile games
  • Help other developers create amazing mobile games
  • Gather an audience for my own mobile indie games that I can promote and presen

In order to achieve these bullet points I have to provide a bit of value to all visitors. This Resources page is a hub that links out to all useful tools and articles destined to achieve those goals.

Game Discovery Resources

Game Discovery Resources are tools and pages specifically created to help you find the games you want to play.

I’m also working on various other game discovery tools that I hope to finish before the end of 2022. On the Roadmap we have:

  • List of Premium RPG’s for iOS with Controller Support
  • iOS Games that work with the Magic Keyboard (or keyboard + mouse)
  • iOS Games without Ads (non Apple Arcade)

Informational Resources

Informational resources are articles that answer important questions or helps you understand why something works/happens the way it does. These are normally guides, tutorials, how-to’s or editorial content. These are some of the most visited and shared guides and articles we have.

Game Dev Resources

I started a small Game Design series with articles on being a game designer in the Mobile Gaming Industry. How to write a game design document, what tools you need as a game design, what you do as a game designer etc.

About The Resource Page

This page is constantly evolving and I want to transform it into the most useful content hub on mobile gaming and mobile game development on the internet. If there’s a resource you need (guide, tutorial, tool) let me know in the comments below or reach out to me via the Contact Page. I’ll do my best to aid you.


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