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4 thoughts on “The Future of Grand Theft Auto on mobile doesn’t look good

  1. My confidence in T2/Rockstar as a company that cares about quality over profit when it comes to mobile games especially wasn’t high anyway. This deal with Zynga just confirms that.

    The fact that when their premium GTA games (ie, people had paid money for) stopped working for a lot of people on Android 11 there was a complete silence on their part that showed contempt for their customers. Zynga specialise in consumer contempt, so I suppose it’s a great match…

    It almost feels personal to me – my family come from Dundee where the original company started out as DMA design and produced classics such as Lemmings as an indie outfit. My cousin went on one of the first computer game design degree courses at the local university, the city museum has a section devoted to them, but they’ve stopped being a source of civic pride for quite some time. That’s a digression though.

    1. Sadly we have to brace ourselves for more things like this. But where companies like T2/Rockstar go off the rails other people are there to pickup the slack. As industries usually have cyclic periods of boom and bust, I’m expecting a bigger crash and a reset of the status quo in the next 10 or so years – unless the industry gets reinvigorated with new mediums (like MR is starting to look like).

      What can you tell me about your cousin? Is he/her still in game development nowadays?

      1. No longer in the gaming industry but working as a coder/project manager for some place (can’t remember exactly what they do now, but not game related)

        He enjoyed the course, but we’re talking early noughties before smartphones were a thing, so it was largely focused on PlayStation and PC at the time. The course was pretty intense, one of the modules was learning business Japanese. But he’s doing something stable that makes him happy now (and knowing as we do now about the working culture in houses like Rockstar and many others, I doubt he’d be happy doing that)

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